Active or Passive? It’s All Good!


Some activities are active, like skiing, knitting, gardening, playing the trumpet. They involve energy, time, and commitment. Other activities are passive in nature, such as going to a museum, listening to music, and watching a movie. They don’t require much energy or commitment and ask for little energy in return.

Both types of activities are refreshing and satisfying in their own ways, but they are not accessed in the same ways. Active pastimes and hobbies demand you put energy into it to get something back. You expend emotional and often physical energy to gain the benefit. Passive pastimes don’t demand much from you. They provide emotional enjoyment while not asking much in return. They are there when you are in need of comfort and distraction but don’t have any energy to give.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, all good writing needs emotional energy of some sort to get done. And you can have all the the time you need to write (finally!) and the space, and the ambition and desire, but if you don’t have the inner wherewithal to do the job then you’ve got to fill your emotional gas tank—do the passive activities you love to fill your emotional gas tank, and when you are recovered enough to invest energy in “active activities,” then do those. And when your creative energy is at its peak, get busy writing!


About Julia French

Writer of contemporary horror fiction.
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