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Falling to Pieces

–photograph taken from Wikimedia Commons One recent Saturday afternoon I settled down in an easy chair with a stack of saltine crackers, a glass of orange juice, and an old friend, the friend being one of my favorite novels. When … Continue reading

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Are You Amazing?

*Disclaimer: There is no such tool in real life as a Swiss Army nail clippers, but I wish there were. Can you hush a crying baby instantly? Play a piece of music perfectly after hearing it only once? Know immediately … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Information Addiction

I am an information junkie. I have a lust for information so powerful that it would probably qualify as one of the seven deadly sins. No matter how remote the possibility of usefulness, I cannot, simply cannot, pass by an … Continue reading

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Hill Magick released on Kindle and CreateSpace

Hooray! My horror novel Hill Magick (second edition) has been released on Kindle and CreateSpace: Buy Hill Magick on Amazon: Hill Magick View the trailer for Hill Magick on YouTube: Hill Magick trailer

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The One That Didn’t Get Away

…but boy, did I wish it had. When I was a teenage girl I would sit on a tree stump in the shade of the riverbank on a lazy hot summer afternoon, teasing the fish with my bit of raw … Continue reading

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Safety nets

I’m not afraid of mice or snakes. I’m not timid about eating at restaurants alone or going to the movies by myself. I can come through a public speaking experience relatively intact, and I can face a tornado or a … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Confessions

It’s Embarrassing Confessions time: I don’t always have good taste in TV shows. I love shows like Modern Marvels and X-Files, and I was gripped by Lost fever just like everyone else I knew. But I also like Gilligan’s Island. … Continue reading

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New release: The Retrievers anthology

I’m excited about the release of my new anthology on Kindle: The Retrievers: Strange Tales of the Supernatural   I’ve waited a long time to see my stories in print, and it feels so good!      

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Night Life

— photograph from Desktop Nexus The other day at work I was going about my daily tasks, humming a cheerful, aimless tune. I was cheerful because it was late afternoon and my shift had just started. “You’re one of those … Continue reading

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Mmmmm good!

I am going to take a break this month. Instead of a short article, I would like to offer you a recipe I am planning to include in my upcoming low carb cookbook. It’s easy, inexpensive, and delicious: SHREDDED SPICY … Continue reading

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February is the Cruellest Month

THIS POST APPEARS OUT OF SEASON, BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT’S STILL RELEVANT…COME ON, SPRINGTIME! I love winter. The soft white winter dawns, the sunny, icy hard-like-a-diamond winter days, the winter twilights with deep blue shadows shading into night, all evoke for … Continue reading

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Venus on the Beach, With Ball

Some people lead busy, active lives. Their idea of a vacation might be resting, reading, or dozing on the beach. Other people whose lives are scheduled, routine, and sedentary might choose a vacation filled with plenty of things to do … Continue reading

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